Slam Jam Collective


“The Friendly Production Network”

“If you do something you truly love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

The SlamJam Collective is a friendly production network: a team of friends with specializedskills of passion collaborating on projects managed by SlamJam Productions to improve their skills from amateur/hobbiest to freelance professional.

By joining our team you will have the chance to:

1.  GOPRO: Master your passion, become a professional. Turn the thing you love into something of value that can earn you money. Build your dream business.

2.  PORTFOLIO: Create and produce works for your portfolio collection. Complete your portfolio and use to sell your freelance services. Then evolve freelance work into a business.

3.  NETWORK: Join forces real professionals in your industry working on the same project and learn the secrets of the trade first hand. Expand your network for mentors and future freelance job opportunities.

4.  EARN $: Use your finished your portfolio and prove the value of your work. SlamJam will refer your services to our partners and hire you for bigger projects.

*A few members of SlamJam’s current business network:

·        Sky Garden

·       The Beach Walk.

·       69 Slam

·       Maurice Brown, Grammy Award Winner 2012

·       Waterbom

·       Destinasia Magazine

·       MNM Catering